Secure a Bridge Loan
with the Mark Maimon Team

A financing strategy to help clients accelerate their next move.

We are dedicated to supporting your Bridge Loan needs. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive and timely advice on how Bridge Loans and other financing tools help execute a seamless transition into your new home.

What are Bridge Loans?

Bridge Loans are a suite of mortgage products designed to help homeowners and investors looking to purchase a new property prior to selling their current one. Our loan officers help assemble a beneficial and cost-effective financing strategy, while avoiding the need to sell before you buy.


Discover the Difference

By dedicating time to fully understand your circumstances, we consistently identify the correct strategy and product for your financial goals. With a unique set of flexible loan products and a highly experienced team, we pride ourselves on assisting each of our clients with their homeownership needs. We are part of a nationally-recognized, privately-owned residential mortgage company. Discover the difference with us today.